Laya Yoga

In Laya yoga, Hatha yoga meets Yin yoga.  As in Yin we hold the position a bit longer the difference is we use traditional hatha yoga asanas and the focus is on certain energy points in the body also called chakras.


Please come and enjoy the benefits of:

Hatha yoga (asanas)
Pranayama (breathing exercises)
Music meditation
Silent meditation
Become aware of your energy points.
Experience life force.
Expand your consciousness.
The thread of every class is being aware of the energy of each chakra and the difference between them on a physical level,energetic, emotional and spiritual.   During every asana, pranayama or meditation we focus on one of the chakras and we hold the asana a bit longer, so we can truly feel the effects of each asana.


Laya yoga focuses on the tantric process of transforming the ordinary human body into a divine body in which every cell is awakened with consciousness. The fundamental aspect of Laya yoga is the arousing of Kundalini energy within the body through concentration and breath exercises and the movement of this energy trough the chakras.

In Laya yoga the yogi learns not only to raise the kundalini energy from the base of the spine to the crown of the head but also to guide it back to the base of the spine again. In the process the body becomes completely fused with consciousness.  

Laya yoga is a combination of meditation, asanas and pranayama with concentration on energy centers.

The practice of Laya yoga cleans and heals body and mind.

Other names by which this yoga is known are Kundalini yoga and Tantra yoga.

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